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Sistema Congressi is conference and event planning company specialized in organizing events and congresses throughout Italy and Europe, since 1984. In recent years, we have developed a certified process of analysis and design and we can:

Clearly set the customer's goals

Identify attendee expectations

Select the most suitable locations and suppliers to optimize your budget

Define the security procedures required for the event


There are many good reasons to choose Sistema Congressi 

We are an award-winning cutting-edge conference and event planning company with extensive experience, which brings innovation to the organization of events.

We dedicate significant investments to the training and upskilling of our staff, to strengthen the professional skills that are the basis of the quality of our services.

We have completed an ISO 9001 certification process for the design, organization and implementation of Scientific Congresses, Conferences and Corporate Events.

We have an extensive experience in managing the financial and tax aspects of events, even the most complex ones.

In short, you can count on us! Our sense of responsibility encourages us to make our expertise available to help you achieve your goals!

Read more about our events services:

Brochure vintage di Sistema Congressi


a future full of opportunities

Sistema Congressi was created in 1984 from an idea of Marisa Sartori, founder and CEO of the company.
We were the first company in Padua as a consulting and full-service conference and event organization. Starting from Padua, we then began to spread our operations throughout Italy and today also operate all over Europe.
Over the years we have established ourselves nationally and internationally as a modern and flexible company, always available to offer innovative answers to customer needs with enthusiasm and in compliance with time and costs.
Demanding customers have encouraged us to embark on a path that has enabled us to offer skills that include the marketing and communication of events, and providing the most advanced IT and web applications, and the fiscal and administrative expertise necessary to face the most complex projects to the full satisfaction of our customers.
With us, people make all the difference: project managers with many years of experience in the production of complex projects, and continuous investment in training that successfully ensures our reliability.


Always by our clients in the search for excellence

We care about our clients' GOALS and we work tirelessly to help accomplish them according to our Quality Policy

Our key word is EMPATHY : our clients' expectations deserve commitment and dedication

WE ARE ALWAYS THERE: our sense of responsibility inspires us to offer a continually evolving expertise

We are aware that the initial project will gradually evolve into the final product. We are ready to face UNFORSEEN events, whether positive or negative

We respect our clients' investment and we know how to MAXIMIZE it with the added value of our expertise

We carefully select and build the team that will work on each specific project in order to ENSURE the best and most appropriate skills

Editor di vlog al lavoro

We devote substantive resources to the EDUCATION and training of our staff, being the strengthening of professional skills key to the quality of our services

For over thirty years I have been involved in organizing scientific and corporate events. I collaborate with companies and associations in Italy and abroad and, for me, the greatest satisfaction is to be a trusted partner for customers who understands their needs.
Today, more than ever, the event planner is called to keep up with the needs of a changing market. The issues that affect each of us such as health and safety, digitalization, inclusivity, environmental protection, and Corporate Social Responsibility are part of the modern world and, therefore, are also central to the process of organizing events.



Founder & CEO Sistema Congressi srl


Our assets, your partners



The management is responsible for the effective management of the company's resources. The management defines goals and strategies and provides the required resources. In addition, it plans activities with the purpose of developing a product that matches the clients' expectations. The management works according to a strategic vision, aimed at maximizing the outcome of the projects entrusted to the company.


Segreteria ECM

È responsabile della complessa procedura che porta all'accreditamento dell'evento in campo sanitario, con riferimento al Sistema Nazionale ECM e allo UEMS-EACCME (European Accreditation Council for Continuous Medical Education). Affianca il Comitato Scientifico del Provider ECM nella definizione del piano formativo annuale, ed è il referente della Commissione ECM per gli adempimenti necessari.


Web Master

The webmaster, together with the project manager and the graphic designer, is responsible for the production of the project's website. They identifie a successful SEO (search engine optimization ) strategy for our website implementing different factors including keyword research, content optimization in order to increase our visibility.


Project Manager

The project manager is our client's main interface and focuses on the global vision of the event. The communication and financial goals are under their direct control. The project manager is responsible of the event's financial goals and the allocation of human and material resources, under the supervision of with the company's management. The project manager is the point of contact for all of the event's suppliers and distributes the activities within the specific team.


Social Media

The social media manager shares the contents and goals of the project with the Client; he identifies the social media that best respond to the client's needs and executes the communication project. They measure and share the outcomes with Clients, constantly adapting his activity to final goals.



Interactive System Assistant, she’s in the team di Sistema Congressi to lead you in the world of virtual, interactive, remote, hybrid events. ISA help you identify the key contents for your communication, and the right solutions to achieve your goals, measuring key-objectives. She analyze contents and audience, and introduce you to the most immersive formats to enhance participation and engagement.




The registrations manager is the point of reference for the management of the participants and all the related activities. They are responsible for the design of the registration form for the specific event, processes the registrations and takes care of the relevant administrative procedures, provides assistance to the participants whenever necessary, and keeps the Client and the project manager constantly updated on the status of registrations.


IT Consultant

The IT consultant is the reference for the complex activities of management, measurement, and verification of our activities. They adapt our software to the event specific needs and constantly check its functionality. They design the applications that become necessary on the basis of the Client's needs and expectations of the clients and on the novelties of the IT market.


Quality Manager

In an ISO certified Company, the quality manager is the figure ensuring that the quality policies, defined by the management, are followed by the staff according to the required procedures. He supports the management on the adoption of policies ensuring that the Clients’ expectations – both implicit or explicit – are met through the appropriate services.







The graphic designer is the creative figure in our team. He works with the Client and the project manager on the design of a logo and a brand, consistent with the goals of the project. The graphic designer also works on the graphic adaptation and the layout of the texts, and verifies the produced materials.


Press Office

The press office is responsible for the communication of the project across the traditional media. He supports the Client and the project manager in sharing of the project's contents, identifies the most appropriate media and handles contacts and features. The press office organizes press conferences and prepares the final documentation of performed activities.



SISTEMA CONGRESSI won the FCE AWARD 2022. The award is given to members of the Italian meeting industry who bring innovation to the events and conferences. Sistema Congressi received the award for the Askisa 
"The unknown landscape is enough reason to look for it " [Paul Theroux]: aware of the fact that it was not possible to adopt a solution for the virtual and hybrid format that is the same for everyone, the company supported each customer in looking for and choosing the most reliable solutions for the critical issues and the most diverse needs of the event.

Logo ISA Interactive System Assistant

SISTEMA CONGRESSI is a member of FEDERCONGRESSI since its inception in 2004. FEDERCONGRESSI is the national association representing both public and private companies and individual professionals working in the field of conferences, congresses, seminars, as well as events relating to continuous medical education, DMC, incentive travels and communication.

Logo Associazione Federcongressi&eventi

SISTEMA CONGRESSI is one of the 13 Italian companies in the PCCO ACADEMY (Professional Conference Organizers) founded by Federcongressi. The additional C stands for CONSULTANT. This innovative and high level education program is one of the most effective ways to improve our professional skills and ability to compete in the market. PCCO ACADEMY is an ambitious program, structured around a year-long schedule of educational events on topics including client management, marketing, the innovation of communication, the impact of the new European regulations in the context of medical and scientific events, the administrative and financial management of events, strategies aimed at increasing the profit of events, sponsoring features, team and stakeholder engagement, negotiation techniques. The companies have been selected on the basis of their size, productive capacity, and experience on the market. Sistema Congressi was part of the steering committee that worked for a year on the selection of the topics and the speakers for this important educational projects.

Logo certificazione PCCO Academy

SISTEMA CONGRESSI is a ISO 9001: 2015 certified company for the following activities:


"Promotion, organization and management of

scientific conferences, conventions and corporate events"

The certified processes are:

  • Project management

  • Registrations management

  • Fundraising and Sponsor management

  • Management of prints and documents

  • Speakers and guests management

  • Abstracts management

  • Continual Medical Education procedures

  • Suppliers and Staff management

  • Scientific association services

The Certification of our Quality Management System, a process we committed to since 2005, includes our main processes: therefore, it is the guarantee of services provided according to rigorous criteria and procedures.

Logo CQY certificazione di qualità


Corporate Social Responsibility

Sistema Congressi is part of the project FOOD FOR GOOD

Through the national Food Bank Network we link catering companies with local charities so that the extra food at the end of each meal served at our events.

Less waste, more solidarity!

Logo Food for Good


Corporate Presentation


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