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Sistema Congressi has developed certified and tested skills in the field of corporate event management , with the aim of ensuring the return on your investment.
Events are significant investments in terms of costs, objectives, and image. We know this and, for this reason, companies continue to choose us and trust us.
A successful event must convey emotions, involve participants, and generate identification with the brand. Style, passion, and creativity are the distinctive features of the events entrusted to us.
Among our core competencies, the most appreciated by companies are:













The Sistema Congressi team deals with corporate events management with rigor and enthusiasm. We offer a wide range of services thanks to our many years of experience and continuous updating.


and technology support

We organize events to connect people.  We strongly believe in the importance of the human approach and in supporting technology and data to improve our customers' experiences.
Whether it is a product presentation, an internal meeting, a convention, or an incentive trip, we can develop innovative projects that:

clearly identify the OBJECTIVES of the event, identifying the most appropriate solutions

impresa di organizzazione di eventi

develop a BUDGET consistent with the value generated by the event, to ensure the best return on investment

società organizzazione eventi

provide the most up-to-date TECHNOLOGIES, simplifying the participant's experience and personal interactions 

location per eventi aziendali

ensure participants have a MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE

location per eventi



our strengths

Our events agency always offers solutions tailored to your companies and your goals. You can find some of the experiences in our portfolio of solutions  for most successful corporate events..

Furthermore: in recent years, we have developed a series certified skills for the organization of any type of corporate event in Italy. 

We guarantee the companies that choose to collaborate with us that we will help them with the preparation, solidity and safety of their event in a demanding and complex market.
These are the strengths of our agency and the pillars of our working method

Budget and Resource Management

We have extensive experience in budgeting. We design programs that are cost-effective so that we can draw up a budget that is compatible with the client’s expectations and will generate the best return on investment.

Organization of

Every year we manage hundreds of participants at events, meetings, and congresses in Italy. We can organize corporate events of all sizes, from small groups to hundreds of participants.
We operate with the licenses and insurance required by law and have a Tour Operator license. 

Corporate Social

We are committed to reducing food waste by collaborating with Banco Alimentare and Equoevento for every event we organize.
We work according to the fundamental principles of ethics and transparency towards customers and suppliers.


We are always in step with the times and attentive to news.
We provide companies with the most up-to-date technologies. In this way, we simplify the attendees’ experience and personal interactions in every type of corporate event.
We are also able to manage hybrid and digital events, supporting the customer in their choice of the technologies required.

Dedicated team
for your events

The human factor is fundamental when working to carry out fairly complex projects. The Sistema Congressi team consists of a highly motivated and professionally trained group. Each one of us dedicates ourselves to your events with great passion, responsibility, and commitment. 

Learn more about our team.

Cross-cultural Experience

We have an extensive experience in managing events with participants from different geographical, linguistic, and religious backgrounds.


An increasingly important theme for events is the safety of participants.
We take care of organizing the event considering all the legal regulations and staying up to date on this issue.
We apply the necessary protocols to ensure the safety of those who participate in any type of situation and according to the event organized. We are ISO 9001 certified.

on the territory

We have in-depth knowledge of the territory and the most suitable locations for corporate events. Over the years we have developed a network of solid relationships with partners and suppliers. We are always up to date to innovations.

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Creativity and Experience
for tailor-made events

Starting with an initial brief from the client, we identify the main objectives of the corporate event. 
On this basis, we then propose the most appropriate solutions to ensure the participants have a memorable experience, with a mix of creativity and well-proven.


our case studies

Esplorate la sezione dedicata al nostro portfolio di

Here you can learn more about the solutions we have found for some of our events, including incentive trips, product launches, company anniversaries and meetings

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