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Sistema Congressi is a management and organization agency for corporate events that offers bespoke solutions for every company. Here you will find some examples from our customer portfolio with the solutions proposed based on the brief received.



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All in a day! A corporate event in Venice, December 202

Image by Andy Holmes
  • Client: A major firm specializing in accounting, business, corporate, and tax matters, which recently implemented the transition to a joint-stock company

  • Purpose of the event: To bring together different professionals, operating on major Italian cities, with the aim of strengthening personal relationships and creating a strong group identity 

  • Goal: Building a common identity, also involving families

  • Participants: 130

  • Location: Venice


Solution: all in a day!  

The availability of a clearly defined budget made it necessary to organize a one-day event.

We submitted several proposals to the Client, but Venice came out on top! Despite being very close to Padua, where a good part of the participants came from (others from other national locations were already in Padua for meetings), Venice is often seen as a chaotic and complex city to visit.

All Guests and their accompanying persons comfortably reached the Fusina Parking lot by their own means, where they boarded a motorship reserved for them.

A welcome breakfast was served on board, and during the navigation Expert Tourist Guides explained the points touched upon.

The Guggenheim Foundation was then reached, with a private guided tour lasting about one hour; the groups took turns to complete the visit in the allotted time.


At the conclusion, Guests walked, accompanied by their guides, to a prestigious hotel located in the center of the City. 

Here a rich welcome drink was served, which was followed by lunch accompanied by a performance of classical Baroque music from the Venetian school, played by an instrumental trio elegantly dressed in 18th-century Venetian costumes. 

The children in attendance were seated at a table dedicated to them, with a special menu and the presence of a baby sitter who provided entertainment.

At the end of the luncheon, there were several addresses of greetings from the Senior Members of the new corporate structure.

At the conclusion, a walk to St. Mark's to admire the city's most famous monuments from the outside: the Doge's Palace, the Marciana Library, the Bell Tower and the Procuratie.

In the late afternoon, Guests boarded the ship again to Fusina, where they found hot drinks and some more time to chat with colleagues. 


Result for the company and Sistema Congressi: 

The Client's goal was achieved with a perfectly balanced cost-benefit ratio!  We are very grateful to our Clients for accepting a proposal that might have seemed "obvious," but in fact was not. Making it easy to attend a corporate event is sometimes an important criterion on which Clients base their decisions. 

All this, with the constraint of a perfectly respected budget, and the satisfaction of the relaxed atmosphere created among the Guests. a guarantee for more and more shared work in the team!

Incentive Trip to Naples

Image by Lawrence Chismorie
  • Client: One of the most well-known companies in the world in the field of household products distributed through direct marketing channels.

  • Purpose of the event: To award the best distributor of products in the EMEA countries

  • Objective: To plan an incentive trip full of motivating and engaging activities. Give value to the work done by the winners of the incentive campaign.

  • Participants: 400 distributors of quite different ages and backgrounds

  • Location: Naples

Solution: “Wow effect” for the best Distributors

We first selected the most suitable places to convey to the participants the core values of this event:

  • The company's gratitude for the excellent work done by the finalists of the incentive campaign

  • The significant role that each participant plays within the company.


To achieve this goal, we worked to make the participants feel part of a small circle of lucky people, through the famous "wow effect!".


Guests, therefore, had access to exclusive experiences, normally unavailable to the common traveler. Sistema Congressi took care of all the logistics with great diligence to detail. The work behind the scenes was remarkable. However, it allowed us to guarantee a unique and smooth experience for the considerable number of participants.


The choice of hotels was between two of the most prestigious hotels in the city, with a panoramic view overlooking the sea and the picturesque seaside village.


We then worked on a well-balanced plan of visits to the city and surrounding area, including the most iconic destinations – Capri, Sorrento, Pompei and Mount Vesuvius. We have always been careful not to make the program too tiring. In each restaurant, we organized a menu selected specifically for our customers.


Finally, we organized two “wow effect” evenings:

  • A light and sound show in a historic villa in the city

  • A special evening inside the wonderful Archaeological Museum in the Sala della Meridiana for the final event and the awards ceremony

Result for the company and for Sistema Congressi: high motivation levels

At the end of the event, we conducted the usual customer satisfaction survey. The participants said they were enthusiastic and motivated for the experience and identified the most exciting moments of the trip.


These results are extremely useful for us and our customers.

Meeting in the Langhe

Image by Pietro Schellino
  • Client: A company specializing in cyber security.

  • Purpose of the event: Find a quiet place without too many distractions. Include a tour and networking event.

  • Objective: To have some reflection time to take stock of existing products and to think about the innovative solutions available.

  • Participants: Forty-five employees from different branches.

  • Location: Langhe, Piedmont.

Solution: Confidentiality and networking surrounded by nature

Based on the brief received from the client, we identified three potential destinations and the client chose the Langhe area. Considering the program of this corporate event, we decided to focus on a hotel that had large outdoor spaces. The four-star hotel in a small town in the countryside was selected, surrounded by greenery and with a classic view of Langhe.


The hotel looks like a large country house, but the interiors are contemporary and have been recently renovated. The meeting schedule was quite tight, so we were able to organize all the lunches and coffee breaks outside, thanks to the beautiful late spring weather.


This allowed participants to experience the beauty of the region while staying at the hotel. For the half-day excursion provided for the delegates, we chose an itinerary that led them to castles, vines and wine tastings. The tour then ended at one of the best restaurants in the area. The restaurant, among other things, has a well-stocked cellar.


We gathered the guests in the panoramic conservatory and here they prepared two local specialties with support of the hotel chef. The focus was on non-competitive activities, and simply sharing the pleasure of the experience.

Result for the company and for Sistema Congressi: satisfaction that exceeded expectations

The survey at the end of the event showed that the participants greatly appreciated the choice of location. The environment fostered the necessary environment for the guests to be able to concentrate and exchange ideas. The immersive experience left everyone with pleasant memories.

Company anniversary in Venice

Image by Kit Suman
  • Client: A small all-female Northern European company.

  • Purpose of the event: To celebrate the first ten years of activity of the company.

  • Objective: Team-building exercises for employees to make them feel an active part of the company's success and growth.

  • Participants: twenty women different in age and position.

  • Location: Venice

Solution: dynamic event for a growing company

Based on the brief received from the customer, we identified two possible destinations and the customer chose Venice. The hotel we selected was a boutique hotel, to consolidate the intimate and almost family atmosphere of this company.


The participants already knew each other, so icebreakers were not necessary, but we started right away with a mix of activities. 


Starting with a tour of the main landmarks of the city, we also introduced some surprise elements, including:

  • A visit to a historic squero, a family-run gondola construction site. The squero was founded in 1800 and is today run by the descendants of the founder, all females.

  • A laboratory of papier-mâché masks. The masks made by the participants were then used for the final theme evening.

  • A sailing regatta, the most dynamic and energizing experience of the program.

  • A special cake and a small, personalized gift in Murano glass on the final evening, to celebrate 10 years of activity in Venetian style.

Result for the company and for Sistema Congressi: teamwork and spontaneous brand awareness

The participants were enthusiastic about the two days in Venice. The teamwork over the weekend prompted them to post dozens of photos of the event on social media, leading to a significant increase in interactions with the business page and social networks managed by the company. A work in favor of brand awareness completely spontaneous.

Product Launch in Florence

Image by Jonathan Körner
  • Client: A multinational company known to produce cameras

  • Purpose of the event: To present a new camera model to the trade press

  • Goal: To create an experience to tell with enthusiasm

  • Participants: 80 in total, four groups of 20 doing back-to-back activities for 2 days and 1 night

  • Location: Florence 

Solution: interactive experience and budget optimization

Based on the customer's expectations, we decided to create situations that lent themselves well to a story through photography. We have optimized the back-to-back meeting formula of this corporate event to make the best use of the available budget.  


Then, the participants who arrived with the first group began taking pictures starting with a traditional Welcome Tuscan snack at the central market. 


We then continued into the city admiring historical monuments and craft shops. But we also included some interactive surprises along the way.


We also included some team-building exercises. For example, a short "olfactory" competition to recognize the essences contained in three different perfumes –Florence was once one of the capitals of perfume. In the afternoon, the formal presentation of the new camera model was held. 


The day then ended with an exclusive dinner in the noble palace of one of the oldest Florentine families, dating back to the time of Charlemagne. The next day, the activity was driving along the Florentine hills with sports cars and eating lunch in a castle in Chianti before departure. With a view to minimizing the costs of renting the sports cars, the second group instead started from the same lunch location in Chianti and then drove to the city of Florence. 


The only difference was that those who had had lunch before driving could not drink wine and for this reason, we compensated with a welcome drink at the hotel! 


The program of the event was then repeated in an analogous way for the groups that followed.

Result for the company and for the Sistema Congressi: high engagement

At the end of the event, we perceived a remarkably high level of participation of the guests who worked hard in the creation of a photo story of the event.  The surprise activities made the program more intriguing. Participants challenged each other to guess the next surprise in advance.

Convention of a Trade Association in Rome

Image by Craig Zdanowicz
  • Client: An international trade association based in London

  • Purpose of the event: Annual Convention

  • Goal: To create an afternoon of fun networking activities for the first time

  • Participants: 220 managers of companies of various sizes

  • Location: Rome

Solution: sharing experiences and feelings 

Due to the ease of access of its airports, the client chose Rome as the destination.

For part of the convention, we proposed a hotel with large conference spaces. We were thereby able to minimize the travel budget and invest more in the afternoon activities and on the final dinner. For the afternoon of fun networking activities, we divided the participants into smaller groups.


They then chose one activity in a list of activities proposed, according to their interests:

  • A bike tour to the main historical sites in the heart of the city and an ice-cream-making workshops. 

  • An Ape calessino tour to see the monuments of Ancient Rome with a 3D dimension to discover the differences between ancient and modern Rome

  • A Guided tour of the incredible artistic heritage of the Galleria Borghese and a gourmet snack in the park.


The event ended with a party in one of the most popular locations in the EUR district, in a fully customizable space.  


During the aperitivi, the photos taken during the day were projected. This fueled the conversation between the members, who exchanged information and feelings about the different experiences made during the afternoon. The evening ended after dinner with a DJ set.

Result for the association and for Sistema Congressi: enthusiasm

The association collected the positive feedback from many of the members present at the event that they transmitted to those who were not very enthusiastic about the themes of the conference and the social program. These feedbacks have been published on the association's website and on social media, generating a considerable wave of interest in the association’s activities.

Tuto in ungirno!


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