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Supporting the Growth of Scientific Conferences and Associations

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A long time ago there were two conferences: ESSCIRC and ESSDERC

From the beginning, both conferences were organized annually in different weeks in September and in different European cities. Each conference included keynote lectures, invited lectures and papers selected by separate technical program committees but coordinated by a joint steering committee. Due to the general need for greater interaction between technologists, device experts and circuit designers, it was decided in 2002 to merge the two conferences and organize them at the same time and place.

This is how it worked until 2023….... In recent years, it has become clear that the link between device technology and circuit design needs to be strengthened. Designers and technologists need to work closely together, and both disciplines and skills need to go hand in hand to achieve optimal results. To address this important trend, the ESSDERC-ESSCIRC Steering Committee (EStC) has decided to merge the ESSDERC and ESSCIRC conferences into a single conference format under a new name.

European Solid-State Electronics

Research Conference

Was born!


The aim of ESSERC is to provide an annual European forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest advances in solid state devices and circuits.

Microelectronics is a key production in Europe as it is used in a wide range of industries.


The first conference series will start this year as the 

50th European Solid State Electronics Research Conference

In Bruges, Belgium, from September 9 to 12, 2024



Sistema Congressi has been the organizing secretariat of most editions of the conference since 2014 and has accompanied the organizers in the growth of a conference that is now the largest in Europe in its field, with a significant participation of scientists from the USA and the Far East.

Sistema Congressi has supported this growth with innovation, dedication and creativity. Sistema Congressi now regularly participates in the Steering Committee meetings and is frequently involved with 360° on all issues related to the visibility, level and performance of the conference in this highly competitive environment.

ICOMST - 69th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology
from Tradition to Green Innovation

From face-to-face conference to virtual and finally hybrid events

Evento ESSDERC-ESSCIRC svolto in modalità virtuale
  • Event: ESSDERC-ESSCIRC European Solid-State Devices Research and Circuits Research Conference.

  • Average number of participants: about six hundred, from all over the world, with numbers constantly growing.

  • Objective: The Event is an annual European Forum that aims to present and discuss progress in solid-state devices and circuits.



ESSDERC-ESSCIRC is the leading European Conference on Semiconductor Technology, held annually in a different European city.
The Conference does not have a Scientific Society of reference behind it; it benefits from the status of IEEE Conference that certifies its scientific value and visibility among the communities of reference but is not involved at an organizational level.


IEEE is the largest technical and professional organization in the world, whose core business is scientific and technological progress in all fields. 

The two Conferences that make up the event have existed for fifty years; ESSDERC has just had its 54th edition, and ESSCIRC its 48th. Therefore, scientific governance is in the hands of a Steering Committee, while the economic and organizational responsibility of the Conferences is the responsibility of the organizer.


Our first contact with the ESSDERC-ESSCIRC Conference dates to 2014, when the Conference was organized in Venice with a high participation rate and a significant improvement compared to previous editions.
For this reason, the organizers of the next edition, which will be held in Austria, found it only natural to turn to us at Sistema Congressi to replicate a successful scientific event like the previous one.
The result is a collaboration that has recently been "institutionalized" with the participation of two representatives of Sistema Congressi at all the meetings of the Steering Committee and with the assignment of the 2023 editions in Portugal, 2024 in Belgium and 2025 in Germany.


The Conferences that are repeated over the years develop procedures and methods that are difficult to transmit to the organizer of the next edition.
We have been entrusted with the construction of an organizational model able to guarantee the continuity and specificities of the Conference, specifically:


  • Communication activities
    This includes the development and updating of the website and mailing lists.


  • Fundraising activities
    We deal with increasing the number of contacts, and thereby, the economic resources available for the Conference, with companies that operate all over the world in sectors of interest for the ESSDERC Community – ESSCIRC.


  • Program support
    This includes program coordination and reviewing the scientific papers received.


  • Definition and updating of the budget
    Sistema Congressi is in charge of the financial and administrative management, with the registration of a VAT number of the country in which the Conference is held, to achieve the best economic result.


  • Finding the venue
    One of our main roles is finding a venue for the Conference together with providing all the necessary services, such as set-up, audiovisuals, catering, social events, etc.

Thanks to this great collaboration, the relationships we have developed have become increasingly important.
Our resilience when faced with the COVID 2020 and 2021 crisis, together with the development of virtual and hybrid formats, has further strengthened our collaboration, with positive effects that have led to the acquisition of other valuable scientific events clients in similar fields.
The reputation of ESSCIRC-ESSCDERC has been strengthened, with excellent development prospects for the years to come.

We have chosen a remarkably interesting case to summarize the most successful scientific conferences that Sistema Congressi has organized in recent years as a Professional Congress Consultant and Organizer of international scientific conferences. 

Supporting the Growth of International Scientific Conferences and Associations

69th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology

From face-to-face conference to virtual and hybrid events

69th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology

20-25 August 2023

Padova Hall, Padova



hours of scientific program 




international experts




exhibitors & sponsors


social events


scenic and panoramic tours

Back to Italy after 22 years, this one-of-a-kind edition marked a record with more than 600 participants from all over the world, gathered together to share advanced research works, discuss hot topics in the field, exchange ideas and share their experiences on all aspects of Meat Science and Technology.

Working in our hometown was an added advantage and leading participants to discover most of the city’s hidden gems was a real pleasure. But for this congress we went further with 9 different technical and scenic tours all over Northern Italy, all aimed at giving participants a memorable taste of the Italian cultural and culinary heritage.

The conference had moments of great scientific value but also relaxing and entertaining moments with 4 social events to share and enjoy with peers and colleagues.
The most appreciated have been the ICoMST traditional BBQ Dinner, held at the Milcovich Park: excellent meat, pizza and rivers of beer cheered by a jazz concert in the background; and the Typical Dinner. An extraordinary experience for both participants and the city, after a visit to Palazzo della Ragione (UNESCO Heritage), the dinner was held in the beautiful atmosphere of Piazza della Frutta.

A challenge in terms of numbers and complexity, we cured all organizational aspects of the ICoMST by planning, designing and monitoring all the necessary services.


The Congress brought significant progress in its scientific domain and we are pleased delighted to have given our professional contribution.

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