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Ideas for a corporate event in Milan

If you are planning a corporate event in Milan or you need inspiration for an activity to do at the end of a meeting, here are some ideas for experiences suitable for a corporate event in Milan.

Today Milan is one of the most sought-after destinations for hosting meetings, incentives, and corporate events in general, indeed also thanks to its famous fashion scene and abundance of spaces suitable for events.

Recognized as a city of style, design, and innovation, Milan offers its visitors a wide variety of activities and places to explore, a skyline of skyscrapers, and a vast array of modern and innovative restaurants and bars.

However, old Milan is exceptionally beautiful and waiting to be discovered, offering something special – perfect for giving your corporate event guests a unique experience.


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Gourmet tour in the center of Milan

Milan is full of gourmet shops and still has many traditional ones, even if some have changed over the years.

Consider customizing an itinerary for your event guests, and bring them straight to the heart of the old town to discover its history. They can explore the most famous areas of the city and at the same time discover places of traditional Milanese gastronomy. Naturally, some tasting stops are a must.

For example, almost right next to the Duomo, there is the famous Peck, a historic deli that dates back to 1883, which has earned its rightful place amongst historical Milanese shops. Here you can find the best that Italy offers, and you can also select a taste of local products.

In the Gallery, on the other hand, there is Marchesi, a pastry shop dating from 1824 that now belongs to the Prada group. The window display is worthy of a jewelry shop, as are the display cases showing chocolates and cakes. The interior décor has retained the charm of a different era, and from the café on the first floor, you can peek at what is going on below in the Gallery.

For a change of pace, you can also stop by for a coffee-based experience at the Starbucks Reserve® Roastery in Cordusio. Of course, Starbucks is not a historic Milanese shop, but this is not just any Starbucks!

It is located in a 1901 Palladian-floored building: the historic Italian Post Office building, which apparently cost a whopping 246.7 million euros. There are only 6 Reserve Roasteries in the world, and this one in Milan is the only one in Europe.

Why Milan? Because in 1983, after a trip to Milan, Howard Schultz, the current CEO of Starbucks, decided to add espresso to the range of coffees offered by Starbucks.

Such an itinerary is suitable for an event with participants of different ages and nationalities. If it is a large group, you could divide them into smaller groups so that they each arrive at the various locations at separate times.

One extra idea: if you need a small networking activity, you could transform the food tour into a treasure hunt and use some of the specialties tasted as gifts for participants.

Tram and aperitivo: an iconic experience for an evening in Milan

The old tram is one of the symbols of Milan, almost on a par with the Duomo.

For a slightly different city tour, hire one or more old trams for a private tour in the late afternoon.

The itinerary just follows the tram tracks!

It is possible to see some of the city’s famous sites and, if organized with an onboard guide, you can offer your guests an unusual viewpoint of the city.

The perfect combination is tram + aperitivo: you can set up a small buffet onboard with a waiter service and sip on your aperitivo. At the same time, the guide tells you about the city beyond the windows.

This kind of tour is perfect for people who need to organize a social event at the end of a meeting or conference. There is only one limitation: the number of old trams available.

There are trams of varied sizes, and you can hire several to accommodate the correct number.

One extra idea: Finish the itinerary near a traditional restaurant, the perfect match for an evening in Milan.

Private tour of an old Milanese house with lunch

Of all the historical Milanese houses that have been transformed into museums, the Bagatti Valsecchi stands out for one particular feature that makes it different from the others.

In fact, the house dates back to the late 19th century, but it was lived in until a few decades ago. Visiting the more intimate rooms of the house, such as the bathroom and the bedrooms, you can discover the creative ways the owners managed to camouflage small modern comforts amongst the decorations of the era and the 16th-century collections.

At the end of the visit, lunch or refreshments can be organized in the largest room, the Salone d’Onore.

There is also a loggia that, when the weather is nice, means you can have an aperitivo outdoors when the location has been hired for an event.

One extra idea: the house museum tour can be done with a guide, or you can leave your guests to their own devices and give them a ‘Silent Book’ indicating the most exciting parts to visit.

These experiences of old Milan are suitable even for people who already know the city because they offer unique elements that the average tourist cannot experience.

The attention to details during the organizational phase and the slight added surprises can further elevate the experience and adapt it to the corporate event.


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