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December 10, 2020

The experience of a virtual corporate event, rich of technical contents, has been particularly considerable for ISA. We took part in a project for VERTIV, multinational corporation with a plant in Italy, leader in the field of continuity and monitoring of data centers and critical infrastructures.


VERTIV decided to give life to the “VERTIV Cooling Innovation Forum”, a digital event exploring the most up-to-date innovations on data centers’ thermal management.


ISA supported VERTIV in every step:

  • Analysis of the virtual event format

  • Draft of the storyboard of different kind of videos: the production lines videos and intro videos, had to run smoothly between the event live sessions

  • ISA supported VERTIV with the scripts, including Project Managers presentations, company and product pictures

  • Draft of the Production Plan: storyboard, captures in location, and post-production. All steps exploited the most up-to-date technologies in video production and editing


The result is a high-quality product-videos series, which use is not limited to the digital event, but brings with it a high marketing value that can be spent in further opportunities.


A close partnership, that allowed us to deliver videos in record time, softening stress for our Client.

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